“Robyn is an exemplary teacher. She has a wonderful combination of knowledge from her continued education along with wisdom from experience of her own private practice. This allowed for a deep understanding of the classroom material and hands-on exercises. Robyn provided plenty of space for questions, sharing and exploration of the subject matter, while at the same time guiding students and keeping focus on the present topic in a gentle and professional manner. I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class and now have a deeper understanding of myofascial therapy that I will include in my own bodywork practice. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in this field of work or for their own private knowledge.”

Adrienne Owsley, CMT, Intrinsic Touch student

“Robyn is a gifted teacher and practitioner with over 30 years of experience teaching and practicing bodywork. She studied BCST with me around 10 years ago in Santa Cruz, CA, and then mentored with me to become an approved BCST teacher... Robyn Michele is a delightful, compassionate and soulful being who is very passionate about bringing BCST to many, many people.”

Gary Peterson, RCST



Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.   Rumi

Robyn Jones

“Robyn Jones is an excellent instructor with an incredible breadth of knowledge, experience, and understanding. She is attentive, present and loving and warm. Because I am a kinesthetic and visual learner I appreciate the many different tools and teaching methods she uses to address different learning styles. I have nothing but raves for her class. I experienced great personal healing, at the same time as honing my professional skills.”

Eileen Sendrey, BCST graduate

 ​Intrinsic Touch Institute


“Robyn has a gift for teaching. She explained complex concepts in easy to understand ways, providing experiential exercises to help us learn. She is skilled at creating a supportive space for diving deep into a subject, and knows how to “read” the class and adjust her curriculum as needed to ensure an optimum pace for learning. She is very knowledgeable about the human body.”

Sheryl Lee, BCST graduate


-Pre & PeriNatal Therapy Certification
-Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America Approved Teacher
-M.A. Core Process Psychotherapy Practice, Karuna Institute, Middlesex University, UK
-NCBTMB Board Approved Continuing Education Provider #804
-RCST® ~ Registered Craniosacral Therapist with the BCTA/NA
-California State CMT #63652
-B.S. in Human Development, UC Davis

"When I come out of a session, I feel like I do when I come out of math class - I feel all clean and clear and a good really hungry."

11-year-old client

Robyn Michele Jones has been studying and doing bodywork since 1984. Her initial training was in Swedish Massage and Polarity. As a consummate student she has studied a number of Eastern and Western modalities including lymphatic massage, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, MariEl, Regenesis, essential oils, and herbology. She is a Reiki Master Teacher. Always drawn to the fluid interface between the energetic and the physical, with deepening practice, she found herself palpating inherent subtle flows in her clients’ systems. A context for these healing flows came to her as she studied Myofascial Release intensively with John Barnes, PT., during 1998 - 2002. During these courses, she gained appreciation for the hydration of connective tissue and the resulting release of patterned restrictions in the body. This was also her first exposure to Upledger style craniosacral therapy.

In 2004 Robyn was introduced to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Studying with Gary Peterson, RCST, Robyn went on to complete her 2-year foundation training in March 2006. Here she gained a deeper understanding of the energetic underpinnings of unresolved experience in the body and how our Inherent Health, through Dynamic Stillness and the movement of The Breath of Life in our craniosacral rhythms, can support the gentle resolution of many issues.

Robyn’s teaching experience began with a 1979 B.S. degree in Human Development, she was an Early Childhood Educator for many years. She taught young children and did bodywork part-time while raising a family in Santa Cruz, CA, with her beloved husband Randy. In 2002 she transitioned into adult vocational education and began teaching at Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts. Here she created her Intrinsic Touch classes. She also taught Postural Analysis & Bodyreading, Biomechanics for Bodyworkers, and supervised the Senior Outreach Program.

Always interested in our development as a whole and presented with many clients coming with profound processes in play, she began looking for a body-based psychotherapy program. The perfect fit came with attending a seminar with Franklyn Sills, MA, RCST, in 2006. She went on to study Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute with Maura and Franklyn Sills and received her M.A. in 2009 through Middlesex University, United Kingdom. The embodied mindfulness approach of CPP broadened and brought together for her all the elements of her own deep healing process and the techniques she had learned to employ while supporting her clients in their process work. It also instilled in her the important role the therapist plays in supporting the natural unfolding and expression of Inherent Health.

Assisting with Gary in BCST foundation trainings from 2008 - 2012, Robyn was certified as a BCST teacher in September 2011. She began teaching her first training in January, 2012, in partnership with Twin Lakes College. The following year she began another training group through TLC. Since then she has also taught trainings in Ashland and Portland, Oregon. Currently, she is teaching trainings in her home town of Santa Cruz. 

After Twin Lakes College closed in the Summer of 2014, she taught a 3-month Intrinsic Touch course in Santa Cruz that Fall. She has also taught Intrinsic Touch continuing education workshops through the Ashland Institute of Massage.

Absolutely excited by all there is to learn and share, Robyn delights in bringing variety to the experiential and didactic pieces in the classroom. Her teaching style is collaborative and collegial. Robyn is deeply inspired by this work and profoundly grateful to be serving her students, The Breath of Life, and the healing of our world in this way.