BCST  Foundation Training

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 ​Intrinsic Touch Institute


"Presence and Pacing:

An Introduction to BCST"

No Current trainings planned at this time

This 4-day course is an introduction to perceptual shifts and practitioner skills which are useful in any modality.

Students will learn specific techniques for settling the nervous system and employ an understanding of the important role the practitioner plays in supporting the expression of

Inherent Health. 

This Intro is a CEU course in itself. After attending this class, students can choose to apply to take the 2-year Foundation Training continuing with Module 2. Modules are sequential and students are expected to take all modules

in the same training.

For future biodynamic craniosacral trainings

in the Santa Cruz area, please reach out to my co-teacher 

Vileena Purpuri RCST® 


Vileena Purpuri, RCST®, has been offering bodywork sessions for over 25 years. She began her study of craniosacral therapy in 1997 and received her approved teacher status in BCST in 2019. In addition, she has been a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner since 2004. Having studied and assisted with many different teachers, and especially inspired through deepening in Stillness and the Heart, she is passionate to pass on what she has received. She looks to Mother Nature as one of her greatest teachers of this work and life.

The soul swims in the Cerebrospinal Fluid.    Dr. Stone

Upcoming Classes!

H-Group: Ashland, OR

Moved to Santa Cruz

Co-teaching with Vileena Purpuri


Module 1: April 7-10
Module 2: June 9-12

Module 3: July 21-24
Module 4: Sept. 8-11
Module 5: Nov. 10-13
Module 6: Jan. 12-15
Module 7: March 9-12
Module 8: May 4-7
Module 9: July 6-9
Module 10: Aug. 24-27
Module 11: Oct. 19-22
Module 12: Dec. 7-10
Module 13: Feb. 1-4

G-Group: Santa Cruz, CA
Module 1: June 4-7
Module 2: July 23-26
Module 3: Sept. 17-20
Module 4: Nov. 5-8
Module 5: Jan. 7-10
Module 6: March 4-7
Module 7:April 29-May 2
Module 8: June 24-27
Module 9: Aug. 19-22
Module 10: Oct. 7-10
Module 11: Dec. 2-5
Module 12: Jan. 27-30
Module 13: March 24-27

I-Group: Santa Cruz, CA

Beginning August 2022,

Cohort is full.

As far as I know, this will be my last Santa Cruz training.

Vileena Purpuri is gathering names for a possible training in Santa Cruz to begin in the first part of 2023.

Are you ready for the next step in your personal and professional growth? Does a dynamic stillness call you? Would deeper presence and ability to “listen” be of benefit in your work and your life? Are you interested in learning the practical skills of Craniosacral Therapy?

In this two year training we will immerse ourselves in fluid dynamics in the body as the interface between the energetic and physical bodies, ever deepening practitioner skills of presence and pacing; physical, fluid, and energetic anatomy; embryology and pre-, peri-, & post-natal effects; interpersonal neurobiology; trauma resolution skills; and practical application of specific craniosacral holds. The two-year length of this training allows the student time to reclaim, learn, and integrate the personal and perceptual skills and shifts needed to foster healing at this depth and to master the large amount of cross-disciplinary material. 

The course is composed of 13 4-day modules, home study (reading, anatomy study, short written assignments), and practice hours for a total of 700 hours. Classroom time is a balance of experiential and instructional material, along with demonstrations and practice sessions. Upon completion of required coursework, and with instructor recommendation, you will be eligible to apply to the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America for the status of Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®).  






BCST Prerequisites: You do not need previous bodywork experience. This is a 2-year stand alone course designed to prepare you to be a practitioner. However, a certain amount of prerequisite anatomy & physiology study is required to graduate. If you are not already a practitioner with these courses, speak with the instructor about how you can meet these requirements.